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New Zealand Mamas

A Kiwi Mama Community

New Zealand Mums
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All Members , Moderated
This is a community specifically geared towards New Zealand mothers (and fathers) with information that is applicable to us, because so many similar communities are mostly US or UK relevant.

Any questions? Contact the maintainer: pussyfooting via email or through her journal.


01 - Your first post must be an introduction. Tell us as much as you like about yourself and your situation.

02 - Anything goes apart from unnecessary abuse or drama. If it's about you as a New Zealand parent, then it belongs here! Even if it's just a snippet from your journal. All we ask is that if you're posting large pics or long entries, please put them behind an lj-cut (information on how to do this HERE)

03 - If you would like your info on the MEMBERS LIST, leave a comment on THIS ENTRY.


pussyfooting: mum of Tiahni Rose (30/11/01) and Briar Victoria (18/05/04)
spiralin: mum of Alexis McKenzie (28/09/04)
gothcherry666: mum of Winona (10) and Zita (7)
feraljess: mum of Mia
nznats: mum of Amalia Charlotte Grace (11/04/04)
psychofox: mum of Coby Jacob (17/03/03)
roanna: mum of Ella Paige (07/08/03)
angelsmum: mum of Antony (11), Tamsin (6) and Jeremy (5)
cuddlykitten_nz: mum of Kian Luke (26/09/04)
nz_dark_angel: mum of Griffin (04/01/02) and Lilly (09/02/03)
jexia: mum of Alexander Damien (Xander) (03/11/04)
soul_korero: mum of Jada Claire Ana (01/02/04)
kimframpton: mum of Rebecca (15/05/00), Sophie (01/11/02) and Thomas Shane (born sleeping 21/05/04)
spiritedfaee: mum of Trent (06/03/00) and Sophie (17/03/03)
thunderbug: mum of Izaak (22/03/05)
sassydot: mum of Caitlyn Janice (31/01/04) and Oliver James (22/02/05)
1uselesprincess: mum of Connor (12/04/05)
uptheduff: mum of Anahera (01/99) and Mere (05/04)
chiknlady: mum of Samantha Claire (10/08/04) and awaiting a new arrival (due 16/07/06)
imachick: mum of Xanthe (06/02/04) and Olorin (19/05/06)
cohens_mama: mum of Cohen Andrew (15/06/06)

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